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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Solutions for Having the Most Impressive Patio in your Neighbourhood

Similar to your interior rooms, patios will definitely benefit from a seasonal bit of grooming, be it new furniture arrangements or/and various kinds of accessories. Let’s take at some ways to make your patio look magnificent.

Outdoor Curtains

There’s certainly something relaxing with having rolling curtains on a patio. They add a touch of romance, and give your outdoor area a subtle slice of that cabana feel. They also provide a visual that makes the patio look somewhat larger, with the emphasis on height with long draped panels being hung on fancy decorative rods and hooks. White is commonly a beautiful choice, but outdoor drapes can also be a great way of adding an extra splash of colour to your patio, such as with blue, green, orange or red.

The Hammock

Lounge in cool style on your patio with either a rope or a thin stringed hammock. If you're simply taking time to read up with your favourite book or just taking a nap, a hammock is a great friend during those warmer months. A simple hammock is an item that people recognise straightaway and just beckons you to chill. Maybe you have napped, sunbathed or even camped in a hammock in the past, so it’s not only eye candy, it’s a utility! And now, you no longer need to visit a beach to enjoy one!

Café Awning

A welldesigned and crafted café awning will be a shelter, but then also the perfect location to sit, relax and have a delicious meal throughout the warmer parts of the year. These awnings, which are now becoming increasingly popular, will definitely help to add an individual touch to anybody’s patio! They come in an array of designs, colours and along with Perth outdoor blinds, there has to be a design to suit your home and give it that unique and classy visual. Certainly a head turner!

Cafe-Style Lighting

Cafes once again! But this time it’s the lights! Just like the ones at your favourite restaurant/cafe, these will look very coolon your patio! There’s something so classically enhancing and even cosy about these hanging string lights which will warm the hearts of everyone. Providing such a cheap and simple addition to your patio will have everybody talking. 

Water Feature

The lovely, soft sweet sound of trickling water makes you feel like you’re beside a beautiful stream. This kind of water feature will add an excellent dimension of geomancy to your patio and will certainly have the neighbours peeking in! Whatever your taste may be, there are a wide-range of choices, including table top, wall-mounted or freestanding water features, among plants and trees, which all work great. Don’t forget to make sure a power outlet is nearby or simply get one installed.

And there you have it. Hopefully you will be spending many relaxing and fun hours on your newly transformed patio with or even without family and friends! Enjoy!

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