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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Many Benefits of a Granny Flat

Recently, granny flats have become highly popular among families with additional space on their properties and this is due to a number of reasons. Whether you live on the edge of a large city or right in the middle of a rural area, the type of construction could help you avoid moving. After all, such a thing can not only improve the quality of life for those living on the property but it could simplify the dynamics of the household. 

More Space

Granny flats are most commonly used as an extension to the liveable space on a property, especially if homeowners have retired parents and other family members to accommodate. This type of accommodation has everything that you love about your own home without any of the associated large costs and maintenance needs. You can add hundreds of square metres to your property in liveable space without any of the hard work involved with moving or building an extension to the house itself. 


Some people choose a granny flat in WA to help them find the best solution for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement and few are willing to go to a retirement home. Baby boomers are near the age of retirement right now and teenagers live at home longer today than ever before, giving people all the more reason to consider a granny flat over moving to a senior facility. This way, you can achieve multi-family living where you get your independence without being forced to live one room over to your children or grandchildren. 

Office Space

Other homeowners choose to consider a granny flat when they need more room for work, especially if they are better off with the privacy. Whether you need to set up a computer and filing cabinets or want to create an artist’s painting studio, the space is yours to use as you please. One- and two-bedroom flats external to the main property are a great way for you to gain privacy from other members of the family while you work. 

For example, children are especially guilty of pestering a parent working from home with the many small things that children love to share. Although you love your children and spending time with them, this is your chance to get your work done without interruption so you can finish more quickly. The time saved can then be spent together with your lovely children and other family members with less stress on your shoulders. 


Alternatively, you could move the children’s playroom out of the house altogether, which is an ideal option for a smaller property. For example, teenage children love to spend time in areas that give them a sense of privacy and you could help build that for them while retaining the knowledge that they are still close at hand. Simply by walking into your backyard, you can catch up on their activities and ensure that they are safe and happy while they play games in the new space. 

Spouse’s Paradise

If one or both of you need time to be alone after a long day at work, this could be an opportunity to create the ideal space away from the children. Either together or in turns, you and your significant other could retire to the granny flat for some personal time away from the distractions of the main property.

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