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Monday, April 24, 2017

Why are Wooden Windows Making a Come Back?

As some of you may have noticed, wooden windows are making a return, as people are wishing to make their homes look and feel just that little bit more comfortable. That and the aesthetic enhancement appeal which wooden windows so clearly provide for a home, certainly explains why some people are choosing wooden windows over more modern materials.

But, windows by themselves are something that we all take for granted and see and use every day, and not many people really think about what they are all about. So, let’s take a little look at what wooden windows are made of, what they’re made to do and how they operate!

Materials and Parts

Every part of a window except the glass itself can be made from a range of differing materials. Windows are available made from vinyl, fibreglass, wood and aluminium. And even with the variety of newer materials available, wooden windows in Wolverhampton are still an excellent choice. Some homeowners have never heard of and are confused by all the terminology associated with wood windows.

The jamb is the wooden space that fits between the window and the building. The bottom of the jamb, the part that is parallel to the floor, is as some of you may know, called the sill. When part of the sill extends into the room, it is correctly named the stool, but is usually called the windowsill. The jamb is attached to the building wall and is seldom replaced.

More Parts and the Windows Themselves

The sash is that part of a wood window that is actually attached to the glass. If the window is to be replaced, both the sash and the glass it contains will have to be removed. The vertical parts of the sash are known as stiles, and the horizontal parts of the sash are the rails. A double-hung wood window has two sashes, an upper and a lower. The upper sash can slide down to open, but in most cases the lower sash will slide up to open. Also, the bottom rail of the upper sash and the top rail of the lower sash overlap when the windows are closed. These overlapping rails are called check or meeting rails.

The pieces of glass in all windows are called panes or lights. In former times, combinations of panes were most common, such as twelve-over-twelve for the two sashes of double-hung wood windows. This arrangement of panes was so visually attractive and appealing that today they are making a huge comeback.

Earth Friendly 

Wood windows are definitely an environmentally friendly choice when the wood has been sustainably grown and harvested. Professionally installed and then maintained wooden windows will not allow any more heat loss than their vinyl or aluminium window counterparts, providing that the same quality of glass is applied. Wooden windows also pose no threat to human health, unlike PVC or vinyl, which can emit toxic by-products.
Wooden windows are back big time and here to stay!

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