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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What Are the Benefits and Features of Plasma Tables?

A plasma table can assist in cutting materials for the manufacturing and construction sectors. Theses plasma cutting machines offer accuracy to a considerable extent for every cut required. These machines work in accordance to the provided geometric dimensions. Companies need to work with the plasma gas cutting tools for making and fabrication of raw metals and through these plasmas cutting tools, people can design circle and make some holes on these metal sheets. But you need to use the proper plasma tables to do your work and you must place your metal sheet on these tables to initiate the cutting jobs.

Plasma Water Table and Its Working:

It is advisable to work on a water table instead of the down draft table which is dry when opting for plasma cutting. This table is reasonably priced and there is no requirement of a dust collector. Besides this, this table can also eliminate the arc flash, which can be dangerous, reduce noise and heat distortion, keeping the parts cool. Those who want to do some cutting tasks on the metal sheets and remove the heats during this cutting process they can use these water plasma tables. 

Basics of Water Tables:

You have these tables which are tanks filled with water with burning bars on the top. This does not work well for underwater plasma cutting. You need to opt for a water table, which has a water level, which can be adjusted so that the plate can be submerged the plasma torch and the table under water.

Down Draft Table V/S Water Table:

  • The down draft table sucks the metal smoke through a plenum in the table bed’s bottom with the help of an exhaust fan. This smoke is sent through the ductwork after it is filtered to the outside of a building.
  • Water tables hold the water inside the table’s bed with the help of a sealed frame. The level of the water is below the bottom of the material surface. This ensures the water when cutting catches, the smoke. It is essential to use an additive for ant-corrosion if using this table. This can prevent the parts from rusting.
  • Choosing between the down draft table and the water table can be easy if you consider the layout of the shop, the location and the cut quality which is required.

Under-water Plasma Cutting:

You can submerge the torch underwater and cut without any hardware depending on the vintage and the design of the torch. There are specific plasma cutting systems, which require an air-curtain for clamping the torch. This curtain uses the compressed air to form a bubble on the torch’s front end.

Oxy-Fuel Cutting on Water Table:

The water table of the standard type is used for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. For oxy-fuel cutting the water needs to be below the surface of the plate. There also needs to be around one inch of depth above the tray which is under the burning bars.
  • Some cutters prefer to cut with the water being close to the plate. This totally depends on the thickness of the material, type and requirements of quality. This also tends to reduce distortion of heat.
  • Look for manufacturers of these plasma tables after ensuring their reputation and experience in this field. Make sure you are offered the required warranty and guarantee with this table. This tends to be cost-effective and long lasting.
Comparing the different prices can help you choose a plasma table well within your budget. You can opt to search for these tables online as you are given all the details and information required. You can also check out the ratings and reviews before you decide to buy one from an online manufacturer.

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