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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How to Find the Perfect Retail Space

The location for your retail business is one of the most important tasks that will immediately determine the level of your business. There are numerous elements that you have to consider such as location, amenities, and size. At the very top of this, it is also important to consult with estate broker in order to find the best location.

We decided to provide you best steps that you should consider in order to find a perfect retail space for your business:

Determine which type of space you need

Before you start searching blindly, you must have a clear idea of what kind of space you need. We are not talking here about specific needs that are based on the type of business that you handle. You should consider these factors:

·         Location – If you choose the right neighborhood, then the success will come certainly.

·         Traffic – You have to analyze the density of foot traffic and access to your location. In case that there are many tourists around or big commercial building with thousands of workers, that is better, than establishing retail business next to a road where there are no pedestrians.

·         Size – Make sure that you know how much space you need for your specific business. Take that into the account before you set the foot inside. It is also important to think about future needs and to always leave an extra space, in case that you have the possibility to afford it.

·         Budget – Every single tip falls down, in case that you don’t have enough money. You have to find something that you can afford, but in the same time to get the space that will function.

·         Utilities – Of course, everything depends on the type of business, and for most of them, you have to pay electricity and water bill. That is not too much, but you must consider it.

·         Amenities – You have to know what special options you can have while getting that space. Sometimes retail space includes public storage Portland, parking, fire prevention, security measures and much more.

Find a professional or search on your own

You can always choose to search on your own, through different online platforms such as LoopNet, CoStar, and MLS. However, in case that you choose a professional, the searching will be much easier, and at the same time, you will hire someone who is qualified to negotiate instead of you. In order to find real estate broker, you just have to ask someone for a recommendation.

The other option is to search on National Association of Realtors so that you can find the one that is specialized for commercial real estate.


After all, getting a place for retail business is the most important part of starting it. The right spot could mean much more profit, and that is the reason you should look intensively and closely until you find the appropriate one. Retail businesses depend on customers, and most of them are just passing by.

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