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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Roofing Issues? Professional Help is at Hand

Roofing is a complex component of any structure, and when something isn’t right, there could be several solutions. If a homeowner has little knowledge of construction, they might take a contractor’s word regarding the best solution, which could be the best remedy, yet it could also be a bonanza for an unscrupulous company that recommends a complete reroof for a problem that a few new tiles could solve.

Roof Inspection

When calling in a reputable roofing contractor to quote for roof repair, the roof must first be thoroughly inspected. This would involve a meticulous check for leaks or missing tiles as well as a visual inspection of the internal roof structure, for signs of any damage. The flashings should be checked for damage and any repairs carried out, and any broken ridge or hip capping would be replaced and repointed.

Roof Cleaning

Often, all that is required if a good clean and this would be carried out using a high pressure water cleaner, and all guttering and downpipes would be thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended to have the roof cleaned at least once a year, and any reputable roofing contractor would offer this service. If the roof is going to be sealed, then high pressure water would be used to completely clean the tile substrate which enables better adhesion for the sealant.

Roof Restoration

This involves repairing any defects and restoring the roof to its original condition, with any missing tiles replaced with matching tiles. This is possible, as the roofing contractor would have an extensive inventory of second hand tiles, so matching to the existing tiles would not be an issue. If you live in Western Australia, and are looking for quality Perth roof restoration, there are established roofing contractors who have been serving the local community for many years, and with a warranty issued on all roofing projects, you can be sure of a first class job.

Resin Based Roof Coating

Once any repairs have been carried out, the roof can be coated with a resin based solution, which adds an extra level of protection that can really prolong the life of your roof. The spraying process involves applying 2 coats, which will protect the roof for many years, in fact the roofing contractor would issue a long warranty on the roof sealing, which could stretch to 20 years. The coating comes in a range of 32 colours, so you can transform the look of the property while also protecting the roof against future damage.

If you are going to enlist the help of a roofing contractor, make sure they are established and have a good name in the area. An Internet search would bring up a list of potential candidates, and after some careful browsing, you should be able to locate a reliable roofing contractor that services your region. Of course, a thorough visual inspection is needed in order to provide an accurate quote, and with a solid warranty, your roof restoration will be the envy of all your neighbours.

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