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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Top Points About Suspended Ceiling as Great Home Improvement Ideas

A dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling is secondary ceiling which is suspended below the primary ceiling. It may be also known as T-bar ceiling, grid ceiling, false ceiling, drop out ceiling drop in ceiling or ceiling tiles.

This type of ceiling is widely used in modern architectural and constructional works for both commercial and residential applications. Installing a dropped ceiling is the best option when one is looking for something which is easy to install, makes your ceiling look better and stylish and also provides best sound quality.

Suspended ceiling is suspended from ceiling joints with the help of a metal in a grid form. This type of framework creates a hollow space between the ceiling and the beams where wiring, pipes, and ductwork can be concealed. This opening can also be used to keep sprinkler heads, light fixtures, and other electrical items.

The metal framework contains a sequence of channels in the shape of an inverted T, which is hung from the overhead construction. This type of ceiling was basically made so that the base of the floor above can be hidden and also to maintain control and acoustic balance of the room. This type of ceiling does a great job in hiding old and shabby ceiling.

The tiles which are used in forming the ceiling which are of usually 595mm by 595mm in size. This makes them easier to fit in the normal open grid of the dropped ceiling framework. The tiles are also available in another format of 595mm by 1195mm.

They are available in a variety of colors and design and also of different materials like fiber, wood etc. Some of them also provide insulation and fire protection.

Pros of Dropped Ceiling to Read

False ceilings are very effective. It is a consistent and cost-effective choice when one wants to replace the old existing ceiling. Installing a dropped ceiling is undoubtedly a better and easier option than remodeling the entire old and shabby ceiling. There are many advantages of false ceilings.

  • Easy to Install: This type of ceiling can be installed in an office or home with much ease. Many homeowners who have the knowledge of installing false ceiling can buy the materials needed and can install the ceiling all by themselves. But one should always take advice from a licensed contractor before installing the ceiling in order to avoid any kind of danger.
  • Hides Pipes, Ductwork and Wires: A dropped ceiling conceals the damages and flaws of your existing ceiling with ease. This is a better option which can be availed instead of repairing and painting the ceiling in order to hide the stains ductwork and peeled paints. But one should carefully inspect the cavity above the false ceiling to check for any structural deficits.
  • Most Effective Than Renovation: Dropped ceilings are most economical than carrying out entire renovation and constructional work. This makes them more popular in homes and offices. These ceilings offer trouble free removal which makes redesign and renovation much quicker.
  • Easily Removable: Repair works for traditional plaster ceilings consume more time, effort and money as one has to demolish the existing ceiling to reach the concealed components. But this is not a difficulty in case of dropped ceilings as they consists of a number of panels which are easily removable and can be reassembled after doing the necessary repairs.
  • Offers Sound Proofing: Dropped ceilings made of fiber glass can block all kinds of outside noise making the room much cozier.
  • Provides Trouble Free Installation of Lights:It is simpler to install overhead appliances like lights and fans in between the tiles of suspended ceiling. The lights which have the same size as that of the panels can be substituted for the panels and can be installed at regular intervals.
You can go for the suspended or dropped ceiling if you want to grab the above-mentioned benefits.

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