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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Services Offered by Arborists

Often known as ‘tree surgeons’, an arborist is a trained professional to deal with tree-growth management. Often they just lop parts of the tree off – hence being known as ‘surgeons’ – at other times they will need to remove a tree altogether. Every arborist in Australia is required to undergo rigorous training in order to become certified under the Australian Qualifications Framework. Not only are they experts with the tools they use, but arboriculturists are trained to recognise symptoms of tree disease, undertake risk assessments, and also understand landscaping requirements for construction projects. Here are some of the services that your local tree surgeon can provide:

Pruning & Shaping

Often times you don’t need a tree removed entirely, but do need some branches removed and the tree significantly re-shaped. Any trained arborist will know how to lop a tree so that it reduces any risk or hazards to nearby buildings or electricity lines.

Pruning trees is a safeguard against the future health of trees, by using a practice known as lopping. Any decent arborist will also lop the trees so that they are shaped in such a way as to enhance their natural beauty, and also to regrow with strength. If a tree is pruned correctly this will strengthen the roots and give the tree a higher chance of survival.


Very often this is a crucial job for any arborist, as entire trees need removing after storm damage, or as a preventative measure. Most tree surgeons will always try their best to save trees rather than have to remove them completely, but often this is not always the case. After the recent storms in Western Australia that saw high-speed wind gusts of up to 110 km/h, tree removal in Perth became the number one demandfor arborists working in the state.

The most important factor for any arborist who is removing your tree is to ensure the job is completed safely and in a way that prevents any damage to your property. All arborists should also ensure no unsightly or dangerous debris is left behind after the tree removal, and it is part of their job to dispose of the remnants.

Tree Risk Assessment

Before any work is undertaken, you can call your local arborist to undertake a tree risk assessment. Ensure that your arborist is using the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) method, that identifies any potential problems and then recommend the best course of action for you to take with the trees surrounding your property. If you are uncertain yourself whether the trees on your property are safe then a trained arborist will be able to undertake a risk assessment.

The Many Roles of a Tree Surgeon

If you have trees surrounding your property, then a trained arborist may come vital to you. There are several reasons why you may require their services, but usually we need them to effectively prune or lop trees, or else remove them entirely if they present a substantial risk. Before any of that needs to happen, we can also ask our local arborist to undertake a tree risk assessment, which identifies any potential dangers and advises the best course of action. All arborists in Australia undergo rigorous training and are experts in their field, so we can be sure of their professionalism.

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