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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kitchen worktops: What you need to know

It’s everyone’s dream to have their own glamorous kitchen worktop where they can whip up their sumptuous meals. Yes, cabinetry and flooring are oftentimes the main stars whenever you build up your dream kitchen, but kitchen worktops are the ones who give functionality to kitchen space. 

Fortunately, tons of materials out there are available that can help us make our dream worktops into reality. Technology is also currently helping to create the type of kitchen top that you truly want. 
Below are some of the factors to consider whenever you’re building a kitchen worktop.

Know your budget
Worktops are not created equal. Some are expensive while others are cheaper. Knowing how much money you are willing to spend on the kitchen worktop is key in creating what you really want. Of course you don’t have to spend too much money on it especially if you have a whole house to build.
 Mix and matching your kitchen worktop can help in creating a much cheaper version of it.

Find cool kitchen layout
Kitchen layouts can also help in building the kitchen worktops that will fit your personality. Knowing what the layout is going to be will lead you to the type of kitchen worktop that you should get. Straight run kitchen layouts are easier to fit – perfect for small spaces. Having tons of corners for your kitchen means that you have to use materials that are fit to it. Seamless materials would be perfect for it.

Choose the profile that you would use
The depth of worktop you choose can also alter the look of a kitchen. Thinner profiles of 10 or 20mm are still popular but thicker edges, created by adding a strip of the composite or stone to the front of the work surface creating edges of 50mm, are also having a resurgence. The standard thickness is 30mm.

Overall feel
Of course you should also check out the overall feel of the kitchen worktop and if it will fit the kind of lifestyle and kitchen ethics that you have.

Choose the right material
Choosing the right material can lead to a great kitchen worktop that you definitely won’t regret. Many kitchen worktop materials have their own advantages. Below are some of them:
·         Composite worktops – This material is super tough especially since it’s made from 90% quartz and a small percentage of binders. This type of material works best to everything especially if you would want a super functional type of kitchen worktop.

·         Granite worktop – Nothing beats the beauty of natural stone. If you are going for a classic look and beauty for your worktop then this is definitely the way to go.

·         Hardwood worktop – Another classic, hardwood worktops are very popular because of the beauty and warmth that it brings to the whole set up. Popular choices of hardwood include oak, walnut and iroko. Hardwood worktops also look good when it’s matched with a contemporary façade. It’s also best used for Food preparation and dining areas, for example, islands and breakfast bars.

·         Laminate worktop – Considered as the most budget friendly option, laminates are non-porous, offer easy maintenance and come in lots of design and color choices. Made by fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure temperature, bonded to a substrate, they are resistant to impact, scratching and moisture.

·         Glass worktops – Glass worktops are very popular because of the chic style that it brings to the kitchen. It also gives a reflective sheen to the kitchen giving it a more glamorous touch. It works well with small kitchens since glass can make any space seem bigger.

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